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[edit] Game Informer

See April Game Informer for more information regarding this subject.
On March 5th when The Progress Bar reached 76/76. Game Informer and SteamPowered.com published an official Portal 2 announcement.

[edit] April Issue

Main Article : GameInformer_Portal_Exclusive
At the 7th of March 2010, Game's Informer April article of Portal 2 was leaked onto the internet. It contained 12 pages of new information regarding Portal 2. Nearly all of the images provided were associated to the BBS images found.

[edit] Underlined letters

The SteamPowered.com news had several letters being underlined. Which forms the word: drattmannh0nee.
This becomes an user/pass combination:

Username: drattmann
Password: h0nee

If the "cjohnson" initial-surname format is followed, this refers to a user named "D. Rattmann." Doug Rattmann is the "Maintainer" of the Aperture Image Format. Additionally, a cut character who was supposed to have been behind the graffiti in Portal was called Ratman (possibly in-house nickname).

h0nee could be connected to Cave Johnson's memo about his honey prize.

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