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Spoilers.png This article contains major spoilers.
Significant plot or gameplay details follow.

This is a very work-in-progress page documenting the ASCII images. Please upload images that contain the original ASCII and not interpreted, blurred, or colorized versions, although images that contain both the original and a modified version are okay.

Other images can be found at BBS Dumps. These images are "newer".


[edit] Notes

These images were gathered by connecting to the BBS. They show up grouped with other images or text dumps (are these random?) and are usually connected to each other by possibly-important gibberish text.

The original images are in black and white. Some of the images below may be rotated or require rotation.

The title of each is a nickname often given to it by speculation. It may not have anything to do with the real contents of the image.

Some of the images are clearly ASCII-versions of images shown in the GameInformer Portal article and will mainly reference the images to it.

[edit] First Contact

Images gained from Day One to the BBS going offline on Day Two.

[edit] The Robosexuals

See also: GameInformer Exclusive

This image shows what appears to be two humanoid robots "holding hands" (possibly simply facing the same direction). GameInformer tells us that the co-op version of Portal 2 will be using these two robots.They are "bipedal robots modified from a personality core and a turret". There are no mention of Chell since she is alone at the facility, with no human companions. The reason they hold hands is to "show sign of innocence more than an indiion of romance". Currently, we know that GLaDOS ideas towards them is that "GLaDOS commends you in her own way; goading each of you into thinking the other player is dead weight. GLaDOS doesn't feel any particular kinship with these robots

[edit] Speculation/Information

  • The Robot on the left has a Portal gun arm while the right one does not.
  • The Robot on the left is much messier and dirtier than the right one.
  • Valve is considering creating one female and one male.
  • Less convincing speculation posits there will be a rocket turret in the left robot's body and a gun turret for the left robot's head.
  • Other speculation suggests the left robot is a Mech DOG called TBot 1 from a Weather Control story fragment while the right robot is Combine Synth Elite Solider/Combine Super Soldier.
  • The one on the left has a strikingly similar silhouette to the Shock Trooper Aliens from Half-Life: Opposing Force.

[edit] Isometric Room

See also : GameInformer Portal Exclusive

GameInformer tells us that this will be the type of humour that will be released before Portal 2, setting the mood and easing players to get ready for the release. The image shows a turret next to a baby's bed, acting as a security measurement, warding off potential baby-snatchers. It follows the same theme as the original teaser trailer of Portal. Idea could have came from this VG comic.

[edit] Turret Blueprint & Circle

One turret on the left, split into 3 giving the impression of a disassembled turret. On the top left you can see the Aperture Science logo which may also support the fact it is a blueprint for the Portal turret. On the right is a mysterious circle or emblem, maybe being a logo or even a portal to somewhere else. The circle could be a profile view of the turret.

Flipping the mysterious circle or emblem upside-down shows a silhouette of Gordon Freeman (or someone else in a HEV suit) in a circle, possibly a portal. Thought in color, you can tell that the side veiw of the turret shows that it is full of bullets, explaining (yet in Portal, the turrets can shoot forever) how a turret can shoot at the player for so long without running out of shots.

[edit] Personality Core: Wheatley

See also: GameInformer Exclusive

This is a personality core called Wheatley. After the defeat of GLaDOS, in the sub levels of the facility with the cake sitting on top of the tables, spheres that resembles GlaDOS personality cores awaken. These spheres begin to reassemble the facility. One particular core is Wheatley. GameInformer tells us that Wheatley is "Concerned about the buildings deteriorating conditions and tired of his limited mobility" and so awakens Chell from her slumber, promising an escape route. His personality is different from GlaDOS' as he is "blabbering incessantly". He also may not know everything about the facility as he tried to brute-force a password for an abort sequence. When entering GlaDOS' room, he "trembles in fear" although no reason has be given.

[edit] Speculation

  • Is Wheatley actually Cave Johnson's AI?
  • Are the other personality cores like Wheatley or is he one of a kind?
  • How many personality cores are there? ~There are 300 exactly in the Cake Room at the end of Portal.
  • Why is he scared of GlaDOS?

[edit] Aerial Faith Plate

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

One out of 4 images, this shows the Aerial Faith Plates, plates on the ground that thrust objects and players upwards.

[edit] Second Contact

Images gained from the BBS going back online on Day Two to the the progress bar on day three.

[edit] The Person

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

The front view is of a female, holding a portal gun in their left hand. The text "Please insert disk #54 into drive A." accompanies it. Seemingly left handed (Chell is right handed, but the image may just be flipped).

Some speculate that the arm holding the portal gun is robotic. This may or may not be true, but can be looked at due to two points: 1) The arm is of complete different colour and seems to have a 'break' inside it, like a robotic joint. 2) The Portal Gun is held higher than should be. Take a look at Chell in-game. The gun is held at the very back and would easilly reach her knees if held straight down - if the gun were part of the arm (see: Robosexuals) this would make sense. It also appears that the lower legs are augmented, possibly with heelsprings like Chell in-game. There certainly appears to be something attached just below the knees.

The side image appears to be the same woman, if the front-on image is indeed flipped. The two images share bands around the ribs, waist (a belt?), thighs and knees (boots? Chell's heelsprings?). She may be carrying a portal gun in her right hand.

It is now confirmed from GameInformer that this is a concept art for Chell in Portal 2. This is because the designers wanted Chell to look more like a lab rat.

[edit] Walkway 1

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

What was originally thought to possibly be a train station or a room filled with shelves, has been cleared up by the GameInformer's image. The image show walkways behind the test chambers so that Chell can access other test chambers.

[edit] Broken Test Chamber

The current state of chamber 8 in Portal 2. You can see Wheatley.

[edit] Destroyed Chamber 07

Part of the Ascii image shows one angle of the current state of chamber 7. You can see Wheatley at the top right.

[edit] Science Centre wreckage

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

Originally thought as a "Valuable Asset Retrieval Unit", we now know it is the wreckage site of GLaDOS. It shows GLaDOS in the middle with an orange light, telling us it is awake. This is confirmed by GameInformer April Issue.

[edit] Thermal Discouragement Beam

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

One out of 4 images, it shows a Thermal Discouragement Beam fired into cubes where it is redirected to another cube, continuing until it reached the end. The laser can also heat up/incinerate turrets.

[edit] Pneumatic Diversity Vent

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

1 out of 4 images. When this image was retrieved from the BBS, it was correctly recognized as being a pipe, which is confirmed by the GameInformer image. But what exactly was coming out of the pipe was unknown, but thanks to the GameInformer article we know this is called a "Pneumatic Diversity Vent." Showing the improvement of portal 2 physics, place a portal under a sucking vent will continue on the other side. The Pneumatic Diversity Vent continues to the "Diversity Furnace".

[edit] Third Contact

Post-progress bar images. (Need idea of what the progress of bar was at)

[edit] Chemical Analysis

Main article: Chemical Analysis

Not much detail has been given about what these images could mean. They may be random assortment of files on GLaDOS system. Due to it being in ASCII format, it is hard to decipher what the chemical compound could be.

[edit] Test Chamber

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

Shows the mechanics of the wall moving, closing or opening a pathway for Chell.

[edit] Walkway 2

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

Shows walkways behind test chambers from a different angle. We can see that it is much bigger.

[edit] Test Chamber 2

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

Shows a Thermal Discouragement Beam entering a redirection cube as well as the objective of this chamber. It also shows how the what is beneath the floor and the mechanics behind it.

[edit] Moving Floors

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

An image that was originally thought to be 3 separate frames to an animated image containing moving block or possibly a portal. From GameInformer, we now know that it is moving platforms that are being reconstructed to the floor. This means that test chamber will likely be able to change and move around. It should follow the same mechanism as GameInformer's cover

[edit] Fourth Contact

Progress bar at 74/76.

These following ASCII images that were obtained from the BBS were not found in the GameInformer Article:

Note: The first image makes reference to an MFM error on an ATA disk. This is an old system of encoding / re-assembling data that's written to a disk, and could be relevant to piecing the clues together. More information here:

[edit] Turret

See also: GameInformer Portal Exclusive

The turret design seems to have not changed. Are you still there?

[edit] Progress Complete

During the completion of the progress bar and the images found afterwards.

[edit] APF Images

Once the BBS progress bar was completed, Steam announced Portal 2, containing underlined letters. These letters gave up the login and password for the BBS, leading to some image codes. Back on the backup login, it contained the code to decipher the image code, which resulted to these two images:

See also: APF Images

[edit] GLaDOS and Dino6 Combo

With notes

Without Notes

[edit] Collections

Any montages of the ASCII goes here. Often, these are speculative, colorized, and blurred.

Early collection, unedited.
Recent collection, colorized and annotated
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