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[edit] Puzzle Task List

  • Do you have the knowledge and hardware needed to connect to the BBS? Do you at least think you do? Private message Crispy (or another OP) on IRC.
  • Want to assist decoding the new Dinosaur Sounds? Connect to this IRC room.
  • As people continue extracting information from the BBS, update the BBS Resources List table with entries for new content. (Accuracy is important!)
  • Try to capture a clean version of each BBS record, exactly as transmitted by the BBS (including the preceding error message and the record number/file size line.) Upload to the Wiki, preferably with a name indicating the date and time at which the record was transmitted by the BBS. Also, link each row of the BBS Resources List table (specifically, the description field) to the resource uploaded on the Wiki for quick reference.

[edit] Wiki Requests

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