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This is the first update that started the Portal Puzzle. Changes was explained as "Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations", giving no reasonable explanation about what exactly has changed.

[edit] New Files/GCF Investigations

The new update contained 26 new sound files called dinosaurXX.wav (XX from 01 to 26), each with unique audio.(Raw dump) The secret behind these audio files contained Morse code, SSTV images and spectrum images.

[edit] In-Game Investigations

Hidden Radio
Transmission Received.

The update added a new achievement called "Transmission Received" (Must have unlocked Heartbreaker). Dotted around the maps are radios that when brought to a certain place, would emit one of the dinosaur.wav sounds. There are 26 radios in total with a little light near the bottom (Green when activated). Here is a video walkthrough.

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