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Icon Speculation.png A major component of this article or section is speculation.
The ideas and connections made here have not been confirmed by any official source.

Alright I got to thinking before on the IRC, how we were progressing. So as I sat down to think i realised that we are slowly progressing towards the future technology wise. So we started off with the .Wav files and we found Morse code [1], Then we progressed to SSTV [2] Images, And now were dialing into a BBS number and it is giving us ACSII images which are actually getting clearer..The so called "corruption" isnt as present as it once was giving us clearer images as the The Progress Bar Goes on.

I propose that we are evolving slowly from "dinosaur" technology to Modern day technology, And since GLaDOS is getting less corrupted we can infer that she is repairing herself and that progress bar is showing where she is at...

Maybe the old Aperturescience.com site might have been updated? It is probably the next thing up from BBS. This is highly likely. They even said in the game informer hub that Aperturescience.com was being updated. I haven't been in the BBS yet though because I don't know what to put for port and number so I'm not sure what any new users could be on the site, but I hope this helps.

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